5000 Successes in China

View from a Customer in China

China is no longer a low-cost production center.

Cost reductions have become even more necessary in China, because cost is rising as Chinese economy grows.
The cost of operation has to be reduced by improving business efficiency and by system integration.

NTT Communications ensures total support for networks and system integration from implementation to operation.

  • High-quality and reliable data centers in China enable customers to reduce the cost of operation by integrating servers and by centralizing monitoring and maintenance.
  • The customer support center offers 24hours, 7days support in Japanese and Chinese to help clients to reduce the operational cost of fixing problems.
There are concerns that a virus could potentially damage systems and shut down business operations. Information leakage may lead to loss of social credibility.

Security solutions are urgently required to avoid issues such as virus infection and information leakage. these are sometimes caused by browsing on the Internet or the use of illegal software in workplace.

Cut cable

Comprehensive security solutions cover both systems and human elements.
NTT Communications provides a variety of security solutions in China, including preventive measures using software and devices as well as security training courses for employee.

Solutions based on the understanding of business custom particular to China is essential.

In China, work on networks is suspended on national holidays and during periods of Government events (such as the National People's Congress). During those periods, it also takes a long time to repair outage. In some cases, there is limitation in the choice of network providers depending on customer location.

Experienced local customer support.
With expertise established through experience in providing ICT solutions in China over the years, NTT Communications fully support customers from network implementation to operation and maintenance.

NTT Communications have worked on 5000 cases in China in the past.
Here are a few examples.

Map of china
Global IP-VPN Service

Customer A:

Implementation of IP-VPN service linking 20 bases across the world

  • Automobile parts maker
  • Links 20 bases including China and four other Asia-Pacific countries as well as countries in Europe, the Americas and Africa, utilizing design data exchange and voice communication services, among others, as intra networks.
Security Management Service

Customer B:

Implementation of internal information leakage countermeasure solutions

  • Leading manufacturer
  • To prevent leakages of highly confidential business data and product information, implements internal information leakage countermeasure services in all bases in China.
  • Fully outsources to NTT Communications tasks ranging from consulting on preparing security policies to system construction and maintenance, realizing thorough security measures.

Customer C:

Implementation of UTM* management service

  • Leading manufacturer
  • Installs UTM in five major bases including China, Hong Kong and Japan, preventing the invasion and spread of viruses, etc.
  • Conducts centralized remote monitoring and maintenance of all bases and promptly deploys staff to sites of failure, thereby enhancing security levels and at the same time securing network availability.
Visual Communication Service

Customer D:

Implementation of visual communication service and LAN/Server management service

  • Leading manufacturer
  • Has its server installed at NTT Communications Shanghai Data Centre and collectively outsources construction and operation of LANs linking more than 100 sales bases in China.
  • By implementing high-quality PC meeting solutions between its sales bases in major cities and its head office in Japan, information on products and sales can be shared on a real-time basis.
IT Management Service

Customer E:

Implementation of LAN/Server Management Service

  • Logistics company
  • Implements LAN/server management service in system managing logistics centers in China. Has its server installed at NTT Communications Hong Kong Data Centre and fully outsources construction and operation of networks linking mainland China to NTT Communications.


Data Centre Service

Customer F:

Integration of customer's infrastructure systems into Shanghai Data Centre, realizing an efficient system operation

  • Leading manufacturer
  • Constructs networks linking 15 bases in China with Shanghai Data Centre serving as a communications hub, securing a reliable communication environment through stable server operations and prompt trouble shooting.


Website implementation/operation

Customer G:

Implementation and operation of website including portal and ECs.

  • A chinese company that operates one of the major portal site for cosmetics.
  • Implement portal site in our Shanghai Data Center and provides reliable network infrastructure, and application.
  • NTT Communications supports customer's website operation by providing monitoring, maintenance and system operation.


NTT Communications History in China

Feb 1997Shanghai NTT Telecommunications Engineering Co., Ltd. (SNTE) established as a joint venture with Shanghai Post and Telecommunications Administration (former China Telecom Shanghai Branch)
Mar 1997NTT Hong Kong Limited established (NTT Com Asia Company Limited, HKNet Company Limited current holding company)
Aug 1998

Beijing Telecom NTT Engineering Co., Ltd. (BNTE) established as a joint venture with Beijing Post and Telecommunications Administration (currently China Netcom Beijing Branch)

NTT Taiwan established

Jul 1999NTT divided into NTT East, NTT West, and NTT Communications under NTT Group as the holding company following restructuring
Sep 1999NTT Com Asia established
Mar 2002Launch of first MPLS-type international IP-VPN, Arcstar global IP-VPN service in China with Beijing Telecom (currently China Netcom Beijing Branch)
Apr 2002NTT Com Asia signs basic agreement on provision of network service between Hong Kong and mainland China with China Telecom
Jul 2002

NTT Com Asia sets up Guangzhou office

Launch of exclusive line service between Hong Kong and China

May 2003NTT Com Asia Network Systems (Guangzhou) Company Limited (NTT Com Guangzhou) established as a 100% subsidiary of NTT Com Asia
Mar 2004MPLS nodes launched in Shanghai in partnership with China Telecom and Arcstar Global IP-VPN Service is started, centering on East China, where major companies are concentrated.
Apr 2004Established Shanghai NTT Communications Suzhou Office
Oct 2004NTT Com China established
Mar 2006Start providing internal information leakage prevention solutions in China (Expanded service to 16 countries and regions in November of the same year.)
Apr 2006NTT Com China Dalian Branch established
Oct 2006NTT Com China opens Customer Service Center in Dalian to handle security monitoring and IT management.
Aug 2007Established NTT Com China Tianjin Office
Feb 2010Established NTT Com China Wuhan Office

A Service Lineup to Match Your Needs

There are many potential problems to be faced when installing IT infrastructure for a new abroad office. Multiple vendors means multiple transactions and contracts which wastes time.

Choosing NTT Communications means ther is no need to contact other vendors to optimize your IT infrastructure.