Consultancy Approach

NTT Europe appreciates that every business has its own objectives and requirements, which is why the initial consultation with you is a discussion based around the factors affecting your business.

Listening to Gain Understanding

To add value to your business, the aim is to use previous experience to gain an understanding of: 

  • Your business model
  • Target market and competition
  • Market opportunities and risks
  • Securing company reputation and brand equity
  • Revenue and operational objectives
  • Project deliverables and constraints including budget, timelines and resource.

Technical Consultancy

By gaining an appreciation of your wider business aims, NTT Europe can optimise the performance of your ICT solution and align your infrastructure with the needs of the business. This includes:

  • Consulting on the most appropriate architecture design to maximise performance, reduce complexity and minimise risks
  • Providing pricing structures to suit different business models
  • Offering appropriate service levels for reliability to guarantee solution availability
  • Advising on information security management considerations to protect the integrity of your business
  • Providing multi-site, resilient and scalable architectures to secure the continuity of your business.