Financial Stability

In these financially uncertain times more organisations are considering outsourcing their ICT solution to transfer capital expenditure into operational expenditure.

However, it is understandable that organisations making this investment are looking for the reassurance that their ICT solution partner can show a track record of stability and has a sound financial basis for the future.

Standard and Poor’s Long term Credit Rating: AA

When compared to the Top 10 Telecom companies worldwide, in May 2010, NTT was ranked 1st and achieved a credit rating of AA. Click here to view the comparison graph and to find out more about NTT’s awards and recognitions and the strong branding of the group.

Cash is King

One of the major consequences of the current downturn is restricted access to credit. Under these circumstances those organisations with stocks of cash in the bank are best placed to weather the storm. So it is reassuring to know that the most recent financial results for NTT Communications show that the company made a capital investment of 107.6 billions of Yen and reported 1,079.2 billions of Yen in operating revenues for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2010.

Fortune Global 500

According to Fortune Global 500 figures released in 2013, the NTT Group is top ranked in telecommunications industry. It is positioned 32nd among the top 500 corporations worldwide.

NTT Group in Fortune Global 500 2010 Graph

*Revenue figures are shown to the nearest billion USD.