ISO 27001

Information Security Management

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NTT Europe provides a comprehensive range of Security Management Services including firewall, anti-virus and intrusion prevention and detection to protect against external security issues and maintain business continuity.

ISO27001 is an internationally recognised security standard that comprehensively defines the requirements for establishing, implementing and documenting an effective information security management system.

However, the majority of security issues are due to human error. Consequently NTT Europe places as much emphasis on getting the “procedures and people" aspect of security management right as the technical side.

As part of the ISO27001 certification, NTT Europe maintains its own business continuity plan, information security management team and a full set of internal procedures, all of which are externally audited on a regular basis.

This business continuity plan is vitally important to the way NTT Europe works as it provides customers and partners with confidence in Service Level Agreements and reassures them that they can trust NTT Europe to hold their data securely.