Microsoft S+S Incubation Center and BizSpark Programme

NTT Europe has been working closely with Microsoft for many years to provide customers with the flexible, secure and reliable managed hosting solutions they require.

In November 2006 Microsoft launched its SaaS Incubation Center Programme in Europe to support ISVs interested in making the move to an on-demand delivery model. NTT Europe was a founding member of this programme and since that time the two companies have helped many software vendors to move to delivering their software as a service. Visit the SaaS Incubation Center page to hear about how this has helped other software vendors and how it could support your business.

NTT Europe and Microsoft also work in partnership to support organisations interested in using Software as a Service (SaaS). With the launch of Microsoft's BizSpark programme the two companies could continue to work together this time to help business start-ups to take advantage of software delivered as a service to support their growing businesses. Find out how your organisation can take advantage of this cost effective, yet robust and reliable IT infrastructure by visiting the BizSpark section.

NTT Europe’s customers use a wide range of Microsoft's applications and provide application management services to ensure the efficient and effective management of online systems. To see a list of supported Microsoft products visit the Application Management Services section.