Global Disaster Recovery

Today many disaster recovery solutions remain tape-based which require shipping and vaulting tapes offsite. According to Gartner, one in ten recoveries from tape fails. This means you will likely fail 10% of DR audits, but more importantly, in DR situations, you require additional time to respond. After all, you cannot choose which 10% of disasters from which you don’t recover. Our GDR solution is a disk based solution that is stored locally at your premises and replicated off site at our secure storage data centers.

Global Disaster Recovery

Features & Benefits

  • Reliable backup and recovery
  • Faster than tape backup up to 6.4TB/hour
  • High capacity - up to 25 petabytes of storage
  • Extended retention for near line data
  • Easy integration with existing infrastructure
  • Your own dedicated storage hardware
  • Choice of leading enterprise backup software available
  • 24/7 monitoring and managed service
  • Optional private network connection(MPLS / VPN)
  • Available globally
  • Low capital expenditure - fixed monthly fee

Service Details

  • Fully Managed GDR Service
    Our Global Disaster Recovery solution is a disk based solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing backup solution. The hardware resides locally to your core infrastructure and then replicates the back-up data of site to a device located at our secure storage data centers. Our GDR Service includes the installation and configuration of your backup and storage devices. We monitor your GDR hardware and proactively fix any problems that might occur, thereby guaranteeing that your data is secure and always available to you for recovery

  • Reliable Data Storage
    We supply disk based storage devices at your premises and replicate this data to one or more of our data centers that are located around the world. We will provide the hardware and software for your needs to create an offsite DR solution you can rely on.

  • Meeting Your Backup Window
    Rapid data growth poses a serious challenge in meeting time constraints for backup and recovery — with shrinking backup windows, reduced recovery time objectives (RTOs) and decreasing tolerance for data loss. You require nearline storage solutions that deliver automatic, fast, efficient, streamlined, and reliable data protection and disaster recovery. We can provide all these qualities in one package.

Area of Services

This service is provided in Europe, America and Asia.

Bundled Offers Is One of Our Strengths

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