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Housing IT applications, networking equipment and business continuity solutions in a resilient and secure environment, NTT Europe’s data centre facilities meet the needs of any enterprise organisation looking for co-location facilities in Europe.

NTT Europe offers secure, flexible colocation hosting solutions to customers looking for a cost-effective alternative to managing their own hardware on their premises. From simple space and power requirements to an array of managed hosting services, NTT Europe provides a wide range of options depending on the level of management required.

With over ten years’ experience providing web and IT hosting services, NTT Europe can also offer a range of additional managed services to augment your internal IT staff and skills.

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High Quality: Fully Redundant with high speed connection

Equivalent to Tier III, fully redundant infrastructure ensures no single point of failure and business continuity. Directly connected to our industry leading IPv6 compliant, Tier1, global IP network backbone.

■ Data centre qualified for financial service solutions:

Data centre with high connectivity which fits the financial needs. Provides reliable UPS system, dual feed to all racks, fully-equipped with multiple layers of physical security.

■ Global one-stop provider

Facilities situated in more than 30 cities around the globe, 16 cities in Asia Pacific region. Able to provide one-stop solution for various IT needs to grow your business.

Specifications of Data Centres

Power and Cooling: Equivalent to Tier III, fully redundant infrastructure ensures no single point of failure and business continuity:

• Reliable UPS system

• Generator with sufficient backup time

• Dual power feeds to every rack

• Efficient-cooling system

Connectivity: Network stability achieved by direction connection to NTT Communications Tier 1 IP backbone and direct access to multiple carriers

Racks and Cages: Ranges from a single-rack and custom-built caged areas to dedicated private suite.

Security: Provides multiple layers of physical security such as, Bulletproof glass, Biometric Authentication, Controlled man-traps, Digitally recorded CCTV

Operation and Support

Look into the details of remote hands, managed service, and support.

■Remote Hands

Remote hands available for:

• Basic trouble shooting (eg. Virtual checking, power cycling, cable re-patching)

• Trouble shooting (eg. soft reboot, accessing console, component replacement)

• Scheduled Maintenance

• Installation

■Managed Service

• Monitoring (Ping, Port/Process, Server resource, Log file)

• Network Platform (Firewall, Load balancing, SSL accelerator, DNS)

• Storage (DAS, SAN, NAS)

• Backup (Local backup & recovery, Remote backup & recovery)

• Security (Anti-virus gateway, Anti-spam gateway, URL filtering, Firewall management, IDS/IPS)

• Hardware provision & support


All data centers are staffed with service operation, facility operation, and security guard 24x7x365, via a multi-lingual help desk


In EMEA, there are 5 major Data Centres.


For detail pricing, please contact our professional staff.

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