Enterprise Networking



International IP private network service using MPLS technology to ensure high security, speed and quality. Supports customer construction of global IP networks allowing various types of access and wide coverage.

Leased Line 

Cost-competitive, high quality global leased line service that provides outstanding operations and support services.

Ethernet VPN

Global e-VLAN service extends the simplicity of an Ethernet LAN environment across the world.The service provides protocol-free, meshed, secure and high bandwidth Ethernet connectivity. Existing LANs can be extended to a global scale.

Network Traffic Analyzer

Network Traffic Analyzer has been developed to identify how much bandwidth your mission critical applications are using at any selected time, providing a measure of the quality of the services these applications are providing to their end users.

Unified Performance Monitor

A turnkey managed platform that provides you with full visibility and management of your network and application performance

Wan Performance Acceleration Solution

Traditional monitoring tools that are used by carriers will only be able to provide network throughput and packet loss statistics which work fine for availability type reporting but do not provide insight into what type of traffic is passing through a Wide Area Network.