Carrier Services

NTT Communications runs one of the world's top-ranked Global Tier 1 IP Backbones.

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IP Transit

By connecting to our Global Tier 1 IP backbone, NTT Com provide a seamless service from a single AS-based worldwide network. Direct connection to major ISPs in many countries makes Internet access faster and minimises distance delays.

Global IP Network IPv6 Service

In addition to IPv4, we operate the world's largest IPv6 backbone, spanning Asia, Europe, North America and Australia. Our network runs IPv4 and IPv6 in dual stack mode end-to-end.


Our VLink service is a Layer 2 Virtual Private Network (L2VPN) solution, designed to help address cost and inflexibility issues of ATM and private line solutions. In doing so, we help our customers reduce the need to manage disparate technology platforms.

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