Managed Hosting/Cloud Services

To sustain our service quality, we provide the latest equipment (including the server), under appropriate security control.

Enterprise Cloud

Covering Nine Locations In Asia, Europe And The Us Our New Infrastructure As A Service (Iaas) Offering Is A Global, Virtualized Private Data Center And Is The World’s First Private Cloud To Use Software Defined Networking (Sdn), Giving You The Power To Manage Your Traffic More Flexibly And Efficiently.

Cloud Computing Solutions

NTT Europe’s Cloud Computing Solutions offer a way to scale computing resources on-demand, delivering the flexibility and control your IT infrastructure needs to support your business.


Managed Hosting

NTT Europe’s managed hosting services provide the foundations for the reliability, availability, security and scalability of your online presence and business critical applications.

Application Management

Customers rely on NTT Europe to manage and monitor a wide range of software such as operating systems, databases, middleware, web server software, Content Management Systems (CMS) and even bespoke applications.

Solution Availability

NTT Europe delivers solution availability by addressing all areas of business continuity from technical and operational capabilities to organisational considerations.

Global Virtualization Services

A comprehensive array of virtualized hosting services available in Europe, Asia and the US, allow efficiency, cost control and growth management.

Smart Content Delivery extended

NTT Europe's Smart Content Delivery extended (SCDe) service dramatically accelerates content distribution, enhancing the user experience. An extension of NTT Europe's cloud computing and enterprise hosting managed services, SCDe is a CDN solution which improves performance, scalability and cost efficiency.