Application Management - Overview

Professional management of mission critical applications

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Your mission critical applications are ... mission critical. Ensuring 24/7 availability of business applications requires planning, organisation and attention to detail from a well motivated and highly trained support team. If you have complex technological requirements but technology is not central to your business, managing applications can be a time consuming and expensive distraction.

Outsourcing application management to NTT Europe relieves the burden of complex or repetitive housekeeping tasks, reducing investment in software, manpower and support. NTT Europe offers professional application management services, customised to need and underpinned by ITIL best practice guidelines, to ensure mission critical applications are available around-the-clock.

NTT Europe’s professional application management services include:

  • Application installation, configuration and integration
  • Migration across versions and hosting providers
  • 24x7x365 monitoring and incident resolution
  • Patch management, system hardening and tuning
  • Application deployment and roll back
  • Software procurement and licensing



NTT Europe can undertake all administrative tasks related to system management. We understand how important it is to provide customer service levels that can be relied upon and will work with you to define a bespoke Service Level Agreement (SLA) which fully supports your business needs. Your mission critical applications are safe with NTT Europe.

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