Cloud Computing Solutions - Overview

Flexible and Affordable Cloud Computing Solutions

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NTT Europe’s cloud computing services offer a way to scale computing resources on demand, delivering the flexibility and control your IT infrastructure needs to support your business.

  • Reduce capital investment
  • Pay for services on demand
  • Increase peak load capacity
  • Scale resources according to need
  • Improve speed and reliability
  • Safeguard application and data security

Whether you are looking to put applications into the cloud, build a test environment or deliver software as a service, NTT Europe can help you transform your IT infrastructure into a more secure, agile cloud environment.

NTT Europe's cloud computing solutions include Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Compute Cloud and Hybrid Cloud environments. Using powerful solutions tailored to need, NTT Europe's cloud architecture is affordable, reliable and secure.

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Private Cloud
Compute Cloud
Public Cloud

Infographic: Adopting Cloud Simple or Complex?

300 CIOs express their views about barriers to cloud adoption.

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