Project Management

Our goal is always to keep our customer satisfied with our services. NTT Europe has successfully implemented many IT-Related projects across Europe and globally in order to achieve customer’s business requirement in accordance with the budget requirement, schedule requirement, and quality requirement.

Features & Benefits

Recently, projects have been more complex than before because the number of aspects to be managed has been increased with regards to Novelty, Technology, Complexity and Pace. In order to meet business objectives successfully during complex business environment, it’s now mandatory to have proper project management, whether it is a large one or small one.

Proper project management includes understanding the project management frame work as well as adapting changing environment more flexibly, having many experiences that enable to predict and avoid any risks in advance, and above all having good people with project management skills. Also, one of the key success factors is communication with the related parties. With lacking of communication, any project would fail. This is why we have emphasized on communications with the related parties.

NTTE has managed many and various projects at different geographical locations, of different technology aspects, at different size of equipment, for different timescale, of different number of people involved, with novelty, and handled risks from various projects and completed projects successfully. From our experiences, we will help to achieve customer’s business objectives successfully though our professional project management capability.

Throughout the service, our customers can expect projects to be completed within defined quality, cost, and time-scale and our project managers regularly (daily, weekly, bi-weekly) update project status to our customers so that we can share project status closely with our customers. Also, we will provide customers with project documents as our project deliverables, so that customers can keep records of projects for the future reference.

Why NTT Europe?

NTT has competitive advantages throughout the service:

  • Project managers understanding technology as well as customer business
  • Years of experience gained from implementing thousands of IT projects
  • Good relationship with related parties 

Area of Services

This service can be provided from all our European Branches.

Bundled Offers Is One of Our Strengths

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