Contact Centre Solution

One of the key drivers for businesses today is to have instant access to customer information, to be able to provide a faster response to their customer’s queries and to speed up the overall decision making process. This is more so evident in the area of Contact Centre and customer services.

NTTE Customer Contact Centre Solutions use innovative functionality to meet these requirements by integrating Unified Communications with our Contact Centre technology.

As an example Customer Contact Agents are now able to see the status of any specialist resource using a desktop client prior to routing the customer call, ensuring that the customers query is dealt with by an expert in the first instance rather than having to log a call back or place the customer back into a queue. Another example could be increased flexibility for Agents by being able to effectively manage or supervise a remote agent or mobile agent.

These are just two examples of how NTTE are able to utilise the best of breed customer contact solutions to help your business provide a value added experience to your customers or clients.

Our consultants will work to understand your contact centre requirements and where possible propose technologies where they see could add value to how calls are routed, answered, managed, closed and reported.


Features and Benefits

  • Agent & Supervisor features and management
  • Call prioritisation, queues, skill based routing
  • Reporting
  • Integration with Unified Communications, Presence, mobility, Agent
  • Clients
  • Wall board Integration
  • CTI Integration
  • CRM Integration

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