Mobile Workforce

NTT Europe understand that the strength of a mobile workforce can be measured by it’s flexibility to be able to work wherever they are, at home, in travel, visiting customer or partner offices or even in the office but away from their desk. Being able to answer calls, retrieve voicemails, send e-mails and share information irrespective of their location is vital to the performance of a mobile workforce.

Our Voice and UC service offer a variety of solutions to ensure that this mobile workforce maintain a high degree of operational efficiency and productivity wherever they are. Some typical examples of how this can be achieved are:

  • IP Phone clients enable employees to answer calls terminating on their desk phone by using a client on their laptop.
  • Mobile Phone Clients with Presence integration as well as e-mail access to retrieve voicemails or faxes.
  • Single telephone number for an office Desk and mobile phone allows an employee to publish a single contact number whilst giving them the flexibility to choose what device they wish to use to answer a call.

Inter/Intra office mobility can be achieved for employees visiting other offices at different locations and being able to log into any available phone. In doing so calls to their telephone number can now be terminated to that phone.

Our experienced consultants will design a mobility solution that is aimed at maximising the productivity of any mobile workforce.

Features and Benefits

  • Manage calls, voicemails, e-mails, faxes and share information wherever you are
  • Single telephone number for office desk phone and mobile
  • Log into any available phone when  visiting other offices through Inter/Intra office mobility
  • Custom designed mobility solution through consultancy

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