Voicemail and Unified Messaging

Traditionally, voicemail access has only been achievable through the office phone. Our Unified Messaging solution offers our customers the ability to receive, play and forward their voicemails by utilising their email inbox.

With Unified Messaging, employees can quickly scan a list of voicemails to answer the most urgent messages first, increasing operational efficiency and in responding quicker to messages, businesses are able to accelerate their delivery timelines.

NTTE understand that businesses needs are changing and with the increased reliance of mobile workers it is important that voicemail messages do not go unnoticed, being able to access voicemail messages from a remote PC, Web and mobile phone gives employees greater flexibility to be able to respond quicker to these voicemails.

Unified Messaging also offers a Fax to e-mail functionality, utilising the same inbox for Fax as well as e-mails and voicemails, unifying the way technology can be use to enhance the employees experience.

Features and Benefits

  • manage voicemails and faxes through email inbox
  • Scan list of voicemails to answer in order of priority, increasing business efficiency
  • Access voicemail messages from a remote PC, web and mobile phone.

Area of Services

This service can be provided from all NTT Europe Branches.

Bundled Offers Is One of Our Strengths

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