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Managed Hosting

NTT Europe’s managed hosting services provide the foundations for the reliability, availability, security and scalability of your online presence and business critical applications.

Effective service delivery is at the core of the managed hosting offering, built around ITIL®, ISO20000, PRINCE II, and best practice guidelines. The ISO27001 certification for information security management also means that NTT Europe is externally audited every six months for added re-assurance.

NTT Europe’s managed hosting services are fully integrated into an asset tracking, monitoring and management system, which also acts as a single viewing point for customers to monitor and control their managed solutions via the Customer Portal.  

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that govern the overall managed hosting solution are provided, ensuring a guarantee of reliability far greater than can be provided through a combination of component SLAs. The Customer Support Center (CSC) delivers 24x7x365 assistance for customers, in several different languages, ensuring that incidents and service requests are managed promptly.  The CSC provides clients with an immediate communication channel and a single point of contact for all support issues, including assistance with problems at the application layer.

NTT provides Data Center Services from over 30 major cities across the globe including 9 data centers in Europe; all of which are connected to NTT Communications’ Global Tier 1 Network.


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NTT Europe designs bespoke managed hosting solutions with your business needs in mind, ranging from:

  • Single, dual or multi-tiered managed hosting infrastructures
  • Multiple environments for release management, including pre-production, development, testing and production hosting platforms
  • Redundant and resilient configurations
  • Multi-site environments for business continuity and disaster recovery requirements
  • Infrastructure as a Service or hosted versions of software (SaaS).
  • Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud offerings

Managed Hosting Services in Detail


Virtualization - managed virtualization solutions provide the flexibility to scale solutions up or down and across the globe in line with business demands. 

Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service - NTT Europe provides the infrastructure for Software as a Service in conjunction with Microsoft, Sun, Oracle and many other application partners.

Application Management

Application Management – management of a range of software including databases, middleware, web server software, Content Management Systems (CMS) and bespoke applications. 
Click here for more information on Application Management.

Operating System Management

Operating System Management – management of Microsoft, Solaris and Linux operating systems maintains the stability of your web platform and applications. 
Click here for more information on Operating Systems Management.

Global IP Network

Global IP Network – NTT Communications owns and manages a Global Tier 1 Network architecture. Local and dedicated load balancing options improve the availability and performance of web applications. Global server load balancing offers geographical redundancy for disaster recovery solutions.
Click here for more information on Global IP Network.


Monitoring – customised monitoring options, which are designed around the customer’s business and application needs, ensure SLAs are focused on delivery.


Storage – shared or dedicated storage-on-demand solutions provide flexible storage options based on changing business requirements.


Security - comprehensive range of unified threat management (UTM) services protect against external security issues. 
Click here for more information on Security. 


Back-up - tape and disc based back-up solutions. Replication services to alternate data centers support Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

Content distribution network

Content distribution network – Smart Content Delivery caching network manages the surges in web traffic that can lead to service disruption and Smart Media Delivery offers a complete solution for both live and on demand, video and audio, streaming content delivery. 

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