Mazars Group

Subject: Managed Hosting - Application Management
Industry Sector: Finance
Country: France
Organisation: Mazars Group

About Mazars Group
Mazars is one of the world’s largest accounting firms; an independent, integrated and international organization with a track record of servicing global organizations seamlessly across the world.

Mazars has outsourced its internal IT hosting of the Oracle E-Business Suite to NTT Europe for the last two years and Marie-Hélène Fagard, CIO of the Group, has specific key success factors required of the project which this success story highlights.

Managing critical applications
The Mazars Group launched a major initiative three years ago to align its IT with the strategy of growing the group and the creation of new services, whilst increasing productivity through process improvement.

To achieve these objectives, Mazars decided to standardize its IT management around Oracle E-Business Suite. This standardization makes it possible to have a comprehensive view of client records worldwide, and so prevent the risk of any conflict of interest.

Mazars decided to outsource the hosting and application maintenance for this project:

"We did not have the resources or the infrastructure in-house, says Marie-Hélène Fagard. So it was logical to turn to a provider to obtain the best quality and service."

Protecting sensitive data
This project involved managing all business applications: time recording, expense reporting, contract management and customer billing. Given the sensitivity of the data processed, Mazars looked for a supplier that could provide local data management across Europe and comply with European directives for data hosting.

Why NTT Europe?
Mazars chose NTT Europe because it met the technical criteria of the RFP and the required performance objectives. Two data centers, one in Frankfurt and one in Paris were deployed, with a disaster recovery plan to ensure continuity of service in the event of an incident.

Mazars wanted a single prime contractor to both simplify the contractual relationship and to have a single provider responsible for service quality, so NTT Europe committed to an SLA with a high level of application availability.

"Our requirements included the management of security and backups, optimization of the database, the performance management and implementation of all the systems necessary for the applications.”

"Our business makes us very demanding, especially regarding the availability of our system,” says Marie-Hélène Fagard, “we therefore had to choose a provider able to commit to performance. Using a hosting specialist, we wanted to achieve better service levels than we could accomplish ourselves"

A key success factor for Marie-Hélène Fagard was that applications and processes had to be standardized before carrying out a project of this magnitude.  Its success also depended on NTT Europe’s project management ability. Mazars therefore has a single point of contact for weekly progress meetings and each month there is a steering committee meeting.   NTT Europe has shown itself to be flexible in adapting to the complexity of Mazars in managing the project and meeting their particular reporting requirements. 

Roll-out around the world
France and the Netherlands were the first countries to be deployed in early 2010 and the UK followed in 2011, accounting for more than 4200 users. Eventually, most countries will switch to the Oracle / NTT Europe solution.

Mazars has also chosen NTT Europe to host its public facing websites and its intranet.

Olivier Micheli, Directuer Général NTT Europe France is proud to have Mazars Group as a client: "We relish the challenges involved in this project; it enables us to demonstrate our responsiveness and the quality of our infrastructure." Marie-Hélène Fagard concludes: "We appreciate the close relationship with NTT Europe and the flexible attitude of their project team. The technical solution meets our requirements and the international stature of NTT has set our minds at rest regarding the roll-out of the remainder of the project."