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Subject: Software as a Service
Industry Sector: Software Vendor - Remote Access, Support and Administration of Computers via the Internet
Country: International
Organisation: NTRglobal

NTT Europe is providing NTRglobal with the managed systems outsourcing service for its remote on-demand access, support and administration solutions

SaaS delivery model benefits

NTRglobal employs the Software as a Service (SaaS) model to market its solutions as it offers major advantages compared to the traditional licence-based model. By using SaaS solutions, for example, the client does not have to invest in a complex and costly technological infrastructure to host the application, nor does it have to worry about maintenance, as NTRglobal assumes responsibility for ensuring the availability, response and upgrading of its solutions via a network of platforms and data centres throughout the world. From the point of view of the support centre, the SaaS model simplifies its work, as it avoids preinstallations and reduces the technical requirements for providing quality assistance for a simple computer fitted with a web browser and internet connection.

With this business model, NTRglobal needed a technological partner capable of hosting its solutions and guaranteeing a level of quality and commitment NTRglobal demands for its clients. “We were looking for a technological partner to help us complement our solution; someone capable of accompanying us in the development of our platforms and our architecture. We are a young and very agile company, with a considerable growth rate within the sector, and we expect our partners keep pace with us. NTT has shown that it is capable of doing so and that is why we have chosen it”, commented Silvia Romero, IS & Quality Manager of NTRglobal.

Maximum availability, response times and quality of access

“We were looking for excellent internet connectivity to guarantee the best response times and the best quality of access for our international clients”.

NTRsupport is NTRglobal’s remote support solution and has been created to allow the technical or customer support department of any company to offer both internal and external clients technical support via the web. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to access equipment presenting any technical fault via the Internet and to resolve it quickly and safely. Whether by instant chatting or by assisted browsing, with NTRsupport it is possible to diagnose and resolve the vast majority of technical faults in seconds, avoiding long telephone calls plagued with imprecise explanations or the need to travel.

NTRglobal established the need for a replicated platform that “would ensure service redundancy, maximum security and scalability capable of hosting a growing number of clients, all maintaining maximum security, the best performance and the highest availability at all times. We were looking for excellent internet connectivity capable of guaranteeing the best response times and the best quality of access from anywhere in the world for our clients,” affirms Silvia Romero.

To meet these demands, NTT Europe has designed and installed in its Frankfurt data centre a platform connected to NTT Communications’ Tier-1 Internet, one of the most extensive, robust and secure platforms in the world. This platform has all the mechanisms for ensuring maximum availability and performance, such as firewall clusters, dedicated load balancing and database server clusters. It also includes infrastructure services creating a safe operating environment, such as integral management of systems and applications, backup copies and 24/7 monitoring.

Improve productivity. Guarantee security

NTRconnect is a solution that allows secure access to the user’s computer from any other equipment situated at the other end of the world via the Internet. With it, any professional with high mobility can access not only his email but also work remotely with the files and programs on his PC, just as he would if he were sitting right in front of it. This is a tool that offers flexibility for work formulae and allows companies to improve employee productivity.

Once again, security and reliability are crucial to offering the highest service level, on which account hosting becomes a critical factor. In this case too, NTRglobal assigned NTT Europe the task of creating a platform which, located in its data centre in Madrid, is capable of providing excellent Internet connectivity, maximum service availability and response times that cannot be bettered, all backed by the highest Service Level guarantee on the market.

“The NTT team understood immediately what we needed and we started to work together to define the most suitable model. We really liked their agility and their ability to respond, such as at the time of preparing as high an SLA (Service Level Agreement) as possible, which was fundamental for us. Owing to the quality of service we want to offer, we had very strict requirements for this platform and NTT managed to adapt to them with great flexibility.”

Experience, flexibility and agility

The NTT Communications communications network is one of the most robust and extensive, with one of the highest levels of quality in the world. The agility of NTT Europe, its knowledge of NTRglobal’s requirements, and its speed and commitment to service levels led the Spanish company to choose NTT Europe.

“The whole process, from the financial offer to commissioning, was really easy and offered the level of quality we were expecting. The actual installation was quick, observing the schedule with no incidents arising,” said Silvia Romero. “The Internet is the basis of our whole business, so it is essential for access to our solutions to be provided by suppliers with excellent connectivity and a very good quality of service.”

NTT Europe and the SaaS model

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a growth market owing to the numerous advantages offered both to users of the applications and to their manufacturers. Users do not need to set up a complex and costly technological infrastructure or worry about maintaining or upgrading it. Manufacturers, on the other hand, are watching this trend with interest, as it involves access to a new type of clients, but also changes in their income profile, an increase in investment to host the service and provide it with the necessary security requirements. NTT Europe has the experience, technology and capability to offer advice on a platform suited to SaaS solutions so that every ISV develops and maintains its offer in this growth market.

NTRglobal is a Spanish company set up in 2000 whose business focuses on the design and installation of software solutions for remote access, support and administration of computers via the Internet. Almost 7,500 companies throughout the world are already using NTRglobal’s solutions to assist buyers in online shopping, resolve technical faults, provide technical support for its clients without travelling or allow travelling workers to access their computers securely from anywhere in the world. These companies include names such as Airbus-CIMPA, Suzuki, KPN Telecom and Air Liquide.