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Subject: Software as a Service
Industry Sector: Software Vendor - Hosted Exchange Service
Country: UK
Organisation: XE2

XE2 and NTT Europe partnership delivers Hosted Exchange service for SMEs

The best of both worlds

When it comes to outsourcing important IT services such as email messaging and collaboration, every business demands high levels of security, auditability and service availability. Hosted Exchange provider XE2 provides Software as a Service to complement its dedicated offering to businesses, and it understands how vital it is to use a first-class hosting platform.

Since 2003, XE2 has been delivering hosted messaging services to large organisations, using dedicated server and software installations hosted with NTT Europe. It also provides services to SMEs using a shared platform to deliver Software as a Service (SaaS), enabling these smaller customers to enjoy all the benefits of Hosted Exchange but at a realistic cost. In all cases, high availability, security and auditability have been vital for XE2 and its customers.

Unlike in a dedicated-hosting scenario, SaaS customers pay one monthly fee per user for their service: there are no up-front fees for hardware, software licensing, or support. Furthermore, because there’s no need to provision dedicated servers, it’s faster to deploy. Of course, to make this proposition truly attractive, XE2 has to assure SaaS customers that they enjoy the same quality of security, business continuity and support as dedicated-platform customers.

Two heads are better than one

When XE2 first decided to develop its SaaS service, it quickly recognised that NTT Europe’s platform, already relied upon by its dedicated customers, could provide the solution XE2 needed. “It was an easy decision,” says John McGlashan, Commercial Director at XE2. “We knew that the scale of NTT Europe gives the customer a lot of confidence that their data is safe, even on a shared platform.” What’s more, NTT Europe was already committed to and experienced in SaaS delivery, and could assure higher service levels and predictable per-user monthly costs – without distracting XE2’s focus from delivering and supporting applications.

“The results have been outstanding,” reveals McGlashan. “2,400 SaaS customers have already come on board.” He believes that the success can be traced to the partnership between the two providers. “What we offer to customers is both specialisation and end-to-end coverage: XE2’s passionate experts managing the application side and support, and NTT Europe’s experts managing the web infrastructure and security,” McGlashan explains. “That expertise, combined with the quality of NTT Europe's platform, helps us deliver the reliable service that is so important to business messaging customers – whether they’re SMEs looking for a shared, SaaS option or larger customer needing a dedicated platform.”

About XE2

XE2 is a Hosted Exchange expert that has been delivering Exchange systems since the late 90's for thousands of users.  Its fully managed platform is highly cost effective for small and medium sized companies and provides the full functionality of Exchange 2003 with Outlook 2003 and has full compatibility with Blackberry Enterprise and Windows Mobile 5 devices, using 'Direct Push' technology.  XE2 also provides a consultancy service for businesses building their own solutions.