Data Center Services


Providing world-class quality and full-support: the next generation data center service.

We operate the customer's server under an optimized
environment. (Power supply, air conditioning, network, etc.)

NTT Europe's managed hosting services provide the foundations for the reliability, availability, security and scalability of your online presence and business critical applications.

Related Services

Enterprise Cloud

Enterprise Cloud is a private cloud service that compliments our data center, network and server solutions. We provide a versatile IT cloud infrastructure to support your core business applications, with a wide range of options, including flexible resource provisioning.


Cloudn is a global public cloud service that provides elastic cloud resources with a rich set of APIs. Select from data centers in Japan and the U.S., with premium features such as load balancing and snapshot backups.

  • Cloud Computing Solutions

NTT Europe's Cloud Computing Solutions offer a way to scale
computing resources on-demand, delivering the flexibility and
control your IT infrastructure needs to support your business.

Content Delivery Network

NTT Communications' Content Delivery Network service is a versatile content delivery system. It offers robust caching and acceleration options that are essential for enterprises looking to expand/promote their products at a global level.

NTT Europe provides the hardware and software for your
needs to create an offsite disaster recovery solution you can
rely on.

For free consultation, pricing estimate and IT needs assessment to optimize your business infrastructure, please contact us.

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