Customer Support

In the event of an incident, the primary goal of NTT Europe’s customer support is to restore normal service as quickly as possible and minimise the adverse impact on business operations.

NTT Europe’s incident management process follows established processes, which have been developed in line with the ITIL® best practice framework. The monitoring systems NTT Europe has in place alert the Customer Support team if any of the pre-defined thresholds for performance are breached, automatically logging the incident and providing a point of reference for all further follow up contact or escalations.

Customer Portal

Customer Support Center

NTT Europe’s Customer Support Center can provide 24x7x365 coverage* to manage incidents and service requests, providing clients with an immediate communication channel and a single point of contact for all support issues.

During the project commencement phase the NTT Project Manager can work with the client's project manager as part of a Professional Services engagement to detail precise instructions that the Customer Support Center should follow in the event of specific monitoring alerts. The process for each response is then designed specifically around that customer's business requirements.

*Subject to level of coverage purchased