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Enterprise Cloud Consultation

De-risking IT through cloud innovation and leadership

For all the success of public cloud services in delivering certain IT capabilities, you can't generally migrate enterprise systems from a traditional to a cloud environment at the flick of a switch. With NTT Communications you have a partner that understands the criticality of de-risking complex migration processes and applying ITIL principles to service design, migration, orchestration and management.

We've invested heavily in an advanced global enterprise cloud platform that can virtualize and industrialise a huge variety of IT platforms and services to create highly automated and flexible on-demand IT. This isn't about 'off-the-shelf' commodity cloud services but about transforming how you use IT to support your business.

The NTT consultant will work with you to translate business goals into Cloud Computing requirements.  The purpose is to recommend or select a solution to the business need, to provide cost and resource estimates as well as an initial schedule.  The consultation is structured to provide a requirements analysis for either discrete business issues and drivers or a complete migration strategy for an organisation – the method fits both and may include:

  • Security and risk management
  • Application landscape
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Network services
  • Legacy integration
  • Legacy migration
  • Service and service level requirements
  • Service management

The outcome is a report that is formally presented and provides a solid basis for business decisions with detailed recommendations for action.

To request your free of charge 'Enterprise Cloud Consultation' please complete the form below. An NTT consultant will then contact you to discuss your request and schedule the consultation meeting.

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