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Meet Our People


Stéphane, Online Manager Europe, France

I love working for a global organisation, with a global cultural mix and feel inspired on a daily basis surrounded by smart, open-minded people.

Working in the world’s largest telecommunications company means working in a stimulating environment that’s constantly evolving and with state of the art technologies. And working for a Japanese organisation means a very positive and supportive working environment, which is all about long-term planning and relationship building.

My job is constantly changing and there are always new skills to learn and I particularly enjoy travelling around Europe to support and train my marketing colleagues in the regions.

Jon, Senior Business Development Manager, UK

There’s a really positive team ethic here at NTT Europe, with a number of teams working together to meet the needs of our customers. And despite the fact that we’re part of a huge organisation, each business unit is able to adapt quickly to new technologies and market trends and influence how the business unit develops.

We’re growing all the time, have an excellent reputation for quality and we’re a respected leader in the telecoms and IT industry. That means that there are fantastic career prospects both in Europe and globally added to good benefits and an excellent management team.

Juanga, Tier 1 Engineer, Spain

It’s a great organisation where there's always opportunities to improve your knowledge and grow, both professionally and personally. No two days are ever the same, you learn something new every day and you get to work with a team that’s like an extended family, where people are always happy to share their knowledge and make themselves available to support you.

Stephen, Senior Product Manager, UK

The company has a dynamic and vibrant multi-cultural work environment, which provides a great breeding ground for talent and success. Our great reputation as a tier 1 telecoms provider definitely attracts good, new people and when they join, they find a fun, fast-paced, dynamic working environment with lots of potential for career development.

In Product Management, my role is both challenging and rewarding. My job is to first understand current market problems and decide which ones make strategic and financial sense for NTT Europe to solve. And it’s then my role to convince senior management of the potential profitability of the proposed product, secure the budget and then design and deliver the product. There’s never a dull moment!

Dirk, Business Development Manager, Germany

NTT is a very large company. Nevertheless decisions are made quickly and flexibly. NTT has pioneering technologies like Enterprise Cloud or SDN.  At NTT Europe every colleague has an open ear, all are very helpful, no matter what country you have to do with.

My role is to  sell cloud and data centre services, directly or through partners. I love to work with new and cutting-edge technologies and  to explain the advantages to the customer.

David, Data Centre Manager, Spain

NTT Europe is definitely a company that looks after its employees – it’s very family oriented and recognises the importance of a good work-life balance. I receive great support from my managers who have given me the tools I need for personal growth as well as allowing me the freedom to demonstrate to the company what I have to offer.

It’s a company that invests for the long term, which is important to me, and as a leading organisation in the telecoms sector I know that I will also be working with the latest technologies, which gives me an advantage in this sector.

As Data Centre Manager, I’m responsible for the operations of all data centres in my region – including people, suppliers and assets. It’s a really varied role – I get to work with the latest ICT equipment and also get involved in the design and build of the data centres and customer platforms, using the latest technology in this fast moving space.

Alfie, Senior Service Manager, UK

It’s a company where people have a can-do attitude and it attracts smart, diligent, friendly employees from around the globe. In a service manager role, you’re the focal point for key customers and one of the few departments where you interact with customers at multiple levels – presales, projects and into support.

From the UK we support customers around the globe and we work with many internal teams as well as teams from other group companies such as NTT Com Security and NTT Data. And our global reach means that there are some very diverse working opportunities for the right people.

Karel, Presales Consultant, Germany

I was initially interested in NTTE consequent of hearing many positive reviews from friends and former colleagues. At the time I had to choose between NTTE and another major Asian carrier. In order to help me making the right decision, I picked up the phone and called my then soon to be boss from NTTE. I spoke with him openly about my choices and he provided honest and unbiased advice. Mainly based on this conversation I made my decision.

Now that I have been here for an ample amount of time, I can certainly state that the step to move to NTTE was an excellent one.

One of the main things that I thoroughly appreciate about NTTE’s culture is the fact that, although we are a large scale international corporation, there is a very strong sense of local, but yet diverse culture within each of the offices throughout the world.

The working environment is very positive and productive. Furthermore, due to the prominently friendly and forthcoming environment, one can always feel confident to acquire support.

Jason, Technical Product Manager, Cloud Services, UK

Right from the interview stage, the professionalism, hospitality and team spirit in the company impressed me and I didn’t hesitate when offered the chance to work in an organisation with a global footprint at the cutting edge of technology.

I’ve seen the company change over the years as we’ve grown and merged with other companies. We’ve become one united company and this has been done on a firm foundation of friendship and respect. Nobody is too big to approach and you’re recognised for your hard work and good ideas. I feel very lucky to work here, with a global team of some of the most talented people I have ever worked with.

The product I work with is a global cloud offering, packed with cutting edge technology. The most interesting part of the job is getting to influence and watch a product go from an idea to a global success- it’s amazing to see something that we have imagined, actually take shape. 

César, Customer Engineer, Spain

It’s a great place to work professionally, with opportunities to work with different technologies and with a global customer base. I’ve definitely improved my technical skills during my time here and the working environment is very supportive, which is something you don’t get in many organisations. There’s always somebody to support you with work-related challenges and a great team spirit.

Daniel, Project Manager, UK

It’s an exciting place to grow personally and as part of a team with a large market-leading company. And it’s a company with a fantastic team of talented employees and plenty of opportunity for personal development.

My role is primarily based around internal projects within our data centre environment and I have a lot of freedom to put my own stamp on the design process of the projects – it’s definitely not a role where I am micro-managed. I work with a great team, with a refreshing approach to problem solving – there’s a real team spirit and absolutely no blame culture.

Urs, Sales Director, Switzerland

NTT was to address the Swiss market locally five years ago, so far Swiss customers and propects had been taken care of remotely by NTT Germany. I was given the opportunity to build up the NTT Swiss office to strengthen and extend the NTT footprint in Switzerland.

Self-driven initiative is most appreciated, inter cultural expertise can be applied every day.  Entrepreneur approach instead of working by command of superior.

NTT is investing in the most promising technologies and areas where future communication and information business will certainly take place. Steady business management instead of hire and fire policy. Quality and stability as core values are in perfect sync with Swiss standards.

I am in charge of NTT Communications Swiss activities and the team, focussed on sales. Most interesting to me is the fact that today communication solutions affect all customers’ departments, not only IT but Procurement, Finance, Marketing and Operations, including strong involvement of C-level. It is not all about technology, it is about walking in customer’s shoes and understanding their core business challenges.  Customers international business decisions require a provider with entrepreneur capabilities and outside the box thinking qualities; nothing is simply standard anymore. NTT is open for to serve those purposes by its service portfolio in combination with high engineering skills and development assets. Who would not find this interesting?!

Sean, Carrier Manager, UK

We’re part of one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world and well placed to make a big impact in Europe over the coming years – so these growth plans should create some interesting career opportunities for all employees.

The great part of my job is negotiating with suppliers to buy network capacity to deliver our Tier 1 IP network – I really enjoy negotiating a great deal, reducing costs for NTT Europe and improving our agility through fast execution of projects. 

It’s a great place to work, with generous benefits such as pension plans, travel benefits and health and dental insurance. And I love the fact that our European product and management team will make decisions collaboratively and quickly, and that our opinions are listened to by the senior team.

"It’s a fun, fast-paced, dynamic working environment with lots of potential for career development."

Stephen, Senior Product Manager, UK

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