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Managed Services

Smart - Reliable - Secure

CIOs now benefit from letting their teams focus on the growing demands of digital transformation by outsourcing the daily running of their infrastructure to service providers.

At NTT Communications, we have an extensive background in managed IT environments. We play a pivotal role in enabling enterprises to focus on innovating and reaching business goals by providing complete end-to-end management keeping systems running 24/7.


NTT Com Managed Services helps you:

  • Manage all layers of your IT estate, from appliances to applications.
  • Release your IT team to focus on strategic projects (such as digital transformation), that deliver business outcomes.
  • Gain 24x7 access to the best IT support engineers equipped with the best tools available in the market.
  • Achieve more predictable running costs leading to higher accuracy when budgeting.

“We’ve been able to move many of our internal business-critical applications from our infrastructure to NTT’s. We can now approach IT as a Service, changing the way that it is paid for within the business, meaning IT now helps to drive sales and business development.”Chief of ICT (CIO), Canon Europe




Removing Complexity and adding business value

Transparent SLAs

Many enterprises have multiple Service Level Agreement (SLA) contracts, making them complex and difficult to manage. We roll our contracts into one transparent managed services contract and give you a complete view of your IT estate support through a single customer portal.


Pay for what you use

We use a pay for what you use pricing structure based on a typical cloud consumption model. This gets rid of long-term contracts and penalties, allowing our customers to plan and allocate their resources and budgets more efficiently.


Leverage a truly global infrastructure

NTT Communications operates in 110 cities worldwide with over 4,700 highly skilled engineers devoted to delivering our managed services. We also have a footprint of 140 data centers linked by their own global SD-WAN enabled high-speed network, meaning that we can deliver quality services wherever our clients are located, at every stage of their digital transformation journey.

A Trusted Business Partner


Our expertise lies within our outstanding team of engineers, dedicated to creating business impact by getting to know your systems inside out.



We keep your business running through the use of the latest industry-leading automation tools to reduce errors and improve response time.



We leverage our fast global IP network and footprint of over 140 data centers for disaster recovery.

Putting your organisation’s security first

Our Managed Services reduces security risk and give clients visibility and control across the entire solution. We have ISO 27001 and ISO 20000 accreditations and are PCI-DSS compliant for financial solutions.


Building from the ground up

All of our 140 data centers are designed with the highest security standards and compliance in mind. We consider the full range of security features in our design: construction standards such as concrete and steel-reinforced walls, multi-layered biometric access controls, redundancy for every component, and strict processes and procedures.

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