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ICT Managed Services

Trusted - Compliant - Secure

In a world driven by an insatiable appetite for instant access to information; anytime, anywhere and on any device, NTT Com Managed Service stands out as a game-changer. Every day enterprises rely on our dependable services because we make a real difference. Our flexible solutions make an impact on the bottom line, energize businesses and propel innovation. As their requirements ramp up, our solutions scale accordingly. It is an active partnership that meets challenges head-on and continuously delivers results.


Why Choose Us?


Keeping The Lights On

Your critical IT infrastructure cannot wait on hold when something breaks. In fact, your systems and network should be architected and monitored so that they never break in the first place.


Each of our clients has direct 24x7x365 access to a named top-class support team of highly qualified support engineers. This team are aware of your systems and configurations and this approach vastly reduces mean time before fix of any issues. Our senior, certified engineers extend your own IT team with tailored enterprise level support for all of our clients, regardless of size or spend




Our Only Agenda Is Keeping Our Clients Running


We are independent 

We provide upfront impartial advice and consultancy to ensure that you get the service solution that is right for you. NTT Com manages your IT services, but also has the power to transform them.  We think carefully about your service requirements and workloads, helping you plan for today, tomorrow and the future. We work closely with all the major ICT vendors and cloud service providers and train our engineers to provide fully ‘certified’ levels of support.


Removing the complexity  

Many enterprises have multiple Service Level Agreement (SLA) contracts, which can be complex and difficult to manage.  Here at NTT Com we can roll these contracts into one transparent managed services contract giving you a complete view of your IT estate support.


Engaging and developing the enterprise  

Our holistic approach provides a multi-dimensional picture of managed services, enabling us to manage the network layer upwards, from systems to applications. 


Our clients who have adopted strategic and selective managed services are leveraging the cost benefits of running internal systems fully utilizing external resources: SLA driven processes, pools of skilled service teams, highly evolved management systems and shared infrastructure.

Managed Services is What We Do


We understand your needs  

Professional experience matters. At NTT Com we have extensive and substantial background in managed enterprise IT environments.  We play a major role in helping enterprises to reach their business goals by providing complete end-to-end provision that keeps them running 24/7.



Because every enterprise is unique, we offer a bespoke and personal service. Our custom-fit approach ensures that IT departments can maintain the crucial balance between business continuity and innovation. Our experts will address your individual needs and provide the best solution that matches your business requirements.


Global backing, local capability  

You can be safe in the knowledge that your managed services are being delivered by NTT Communications, a global leader in providing ICT solutions within the NTT Group, which ranks in the top 100 of the Fortune Global 500. So you get the best of BOTH worlds - access to a financially stable and mature support infrastructure delivered with the agility of a lean organization. We have the expertise to help you plan and deploy flexible, cost-effective managed services wherever you are. 

The Best People Using the Best Tools

‘Pay for what you consume’ model

We utilize a pay for what you consume structure, based on a Cloud consumption type pricing model. Abolishing long term contracts and penalties, enabling clients to better plan and allocate their resources and budgets. We call this Smart Sourcing and is a key differentiator for us.


Robotic automation

As with other progressive service providers, we have embraced automation as part of our ‘best in class’ services portfolio to provide clients with greater flexibility and control. It also allows us to optimize resources, whilst removing human error from the equation.


Tried and tested technology

NTT Com’s expertise and investment in its infrastructure enables us to deliver a premium service that empowers clients to stay agile and optimized, retaining a competitive edge.  We provide our clients with access to a portal for total transparent reporting enabling clients to monitor our performance against the service agreements.


Customer support as a differentiator

Personal service is part of our mantra, designed to build a lasting relationship with our clients. All our clients have a dedicated support team as first point of contact, to ensure their query is dealt with quickly and smoothly. 

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