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Legal & Privacy Center

NTT Europe takes data privacy and confidentiality very seriously. Below you can find details of how we manage your personal data and what your rights are. In addition you will also find our statutory reporting obligations in respect of Modern Slavery and Gender Pay Gap.

Personal Data We Collect

Our Privacy and Cookie Policy describes how we handle your personal data. This mayinclude, for example, your name and contact details that you provide us when you:

  • Download whitepapers
  • Purchase services from us
  • Apply for a job
  • Visit our websites
  • Sign up for our events

Disclosure of Personal Data

When we need to provide your personal data to third parties, we will only share it to the extent reasonably necessary.  We may also share your personal data as required or permitted by law and as described in our Privacy and Cookie Policy.

Who likes Cookies?

NTT Europe may use cookies, or other similar technologies when you visit or interact with us online. For more information about our use of cookies, please visit our Cookie Notice. The Privacy and Cookie Policy explains how you can control the way in which your browser handles cookies received from our website.

Keeping your data up to date

If you would like to correct or update the personal information that we hold about you, or if you wish to revoke consent previously granted, please follow the instructions located in our Privacy and Cookie Policy.

Intracompany Data Processing

As a Japanese headquartered company with affiliates across the globe, there may be times when NTT Europe may need to share personal data outside the EU to support our customers and employees. NTT Europe has entered into Intracompany Data Transfer Agreements in accordance with the GDPR with it's non-EEA Affiliates to allow the processing of such personal data.


If you have any queries about our Privacy and Cookies Policy or wish to raise any other data protection issue, please contact us at or or fill our 'Exercise your rights' form.

Our GDPR Statement can be found by clicking here.

Modern Slavery

NTT Europe continually works to prevent slavery and human trafficking from taking place in our offices and operations, in line with the United Kingdom Modern Slavery Act.

Read our Modern Slavery page

Gender Pay Gap

The report explains the reasons for our gender pay gap and outlines the actions we are taking to close this. 

Read the report

NTT Group Tax Policy

This report details our tax policy and how we interact with HMRC.

Read our tax policy

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